About Us

About Us

doNYC is the place to find out what to do in New York City. From concerts to comedyfilm to food, and charity events to book readings, doNYC is the one-stop destination for planning your week. Plus, we are constantly giving away free tickets, backstage passes, and exclusive prizes. Signing up is free and easy, and also allows you to discover and promote events, share your picks with others, buy tickets online, and be the first to know about all the awesome happenings throughout the five boroughs. 

How Events Are Ranked:

We list calendar events based on popular vote and recommendations by members of the doNYC network of Tastemakers. These people include bloggers, entertainment industry professionals, and members of local media (more about them below). To cast your vote for an event, simply click the ADD button in the event listing. The more people that vote for an event, the higher it will be listed on the site, allowing the most popular events to naturally rise to the top.

Posting an Event:

Have an event that is not listed? You should post it! First, login or register with doNYC if you have not already. Then, click ADD EVENT at the top of the homepage and just fill in the blanks! You can also edit an event you create simply by clicking the link next to the title on the event page.

Here are some tips for making your event listing as effective as possible:

  • Do not put the date, location, or time in the title: You are already letting everyone know the when, where, and why in the other fields. Let the title stand out!

  • Choose the Repeat Weekly option only if it is the exact same event every week: If there are different acts or happenings that you want to specify, its better to make an individual event each week to make sure everyone knows what kind of awesomeness they are in for.
  • Type slowly in the band and venue fields and take our suggestions in the drop down box: We have hundreds of bands, artists and venues on file, each with pages and videos connected to them, all at your disposal.
  • Go nuts on the HTML: Are you a code guru?  Our description box supports basic html. Get creative!
  • Add a photo: As much as we like our logo or some of the venue logos, people much rather see a visual representation of your event. Catch their eye!
  • Please contact [email protected] if you need help adding or editing an event.
  • Want to get even more reach? Contact [email protected] to inquire about advertising, promotions, and ticket giveaways.  

  • Editing an Event:

    Only users with editing privileges can change events that they did not create, but if you see something that needs to be changed, just shoot an email to [email protected].

    Adding a Band Page or Editing An Existing One:

    Are we lacking an artist that you typed into your event? Or maybe you are an artist and want to make sure your fans know all about you. Just click the Add Your Own link next to the band field and fill in the blanks! Once you have created the band page, it will appear in the drop down box every time someone types it into the field. If you are looking at a band page that requires a little TLC, reach out to [email protected] and let us know! We'll be happy to update it for you ASAP.

    BONUS! Did you know that you can follow your favorite artists on DoNYC? Just click the FOLLOW button on the right side of their profile. This way, you'll get an email alert as soon as they announce a new show in town, assuring you'll never miss out on tickets to see your fave bands again!

    Duplicate Events:

    Occasionally the event that you are posting may already be on the site. When this happens, there will be a link to the event that is already posted at the top of the page. If this is the same as your event but you want to add more information, just choose the edit option on the existing event page and add away. 

    ***Do not submit a duplicate event if you can help it.*** 

    This takes away votes and divides information, neither of which you would want for your event! If your listing is indeed a different event that just happens to be at the same venue, check the Create Event Anyway box and resubmit the form. Questions or need help updating your event's info? Email [email protected] and he'll hook you up.

    Who are the Tastemakers?

    The doNYC Tastemakers form the back bone of all all the great happenings around the city. They are the local media, the bloggers, the DJs, the artists, and the promoters... the people who make it their jobs to get us off our couches and out on the town. They are so good at it in fact, that we decided to give them a voice on doNYC for you to follow. Their votes and event comments are featured below the event listings for perusal, as are links to their websites. You can find the full list of family members at the bottom of our homepage. Follow them, friend them, be one with them. They will make sure you are in the know! Want to know more, or want to join the elite ranks of DoNYC Tastemaker? Email [email protected] for more info.


    doNYC has awesome RSVP offers for some of the best events in the five boroughs. Just click the RSVP button and fill out your info to get on the list. 

    Two important things to note: 

    1) Most RSVP offers do not include a +1

    2) All RSVPs are subject to venue capacity, and do not guarantee admission. 

    If you have an event that you'll be running an RSVP for, why not host it on DoNYC? By hosting your guest list on our RSVP platform, it'll give your event an organic boost. Every RSVP increases your event's popularity within that day's listings, pushing it to the top of the page for more eyes on your info.


    If you enter to win tickets on the doNYC site, you will receive an email notification no later then 24 hours before the show. If you have won a contest via our Facebook or Twitter pages, we will tag you in the winning post no later then 24 hour prior to the show. Please reply to this post confirming or telling us we are awesome. That way, we know that you are coming! To redeem your tickets, your name will be at the door on the DoNYC guest list.


    For rates and tips on how to make doNYC work for you, shoot us an email at [email protected].


    We are super friendly. I swear!

    Brand Manager: Jesse Sol // [email protected]

    Content Manager: Deanna Young // [email protected] 

    Account Manager: Jonny Pepperman // [email protected]

    Audience Manager: Julia Gomberg // [email protected]