Valentine's Day in NYC

Valentine's Day season is upon us and that means there's plenty of ways to spread the love. Whether you're planning the perfect night out with your partner, looking to score some free tickets for an epic date night, or scoping out some V-Day solo plans, check out all of what NYC has to offer. 

Valentine's Day Top Picks

Valentine's Day is meant to be so much more than just fancy dinner plans. No matter what your thing is, we found the cream of the crop Valentine's Day picks happening right here in town for you to check out. 

Valentine's Day Giveaways

Unlike the complications of dating, it's always good timing when it comes to winning things. Make sure you are up to date on all of the great giveaways happening this Valentine's Day season, including tickets to your favorite shows and some special date-night activities, including:

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The Best Date Spots

The dating game is tough out there, and so is deciding on a meet-up spot that has everything you're looking for. Make sure to do your research before you take the reigns with planning by checking out our guide to NYC's best date spots. Whether you're looking for an intimate rendez-vous, something more off the beaten path like rollerskating, we got the in for locking in that second date. 

NYC's Best Bars To Be Single

Valentine's Day isn't just to be celebrated by couples. Even if you're flying solo this year, there's plenty to celebrate and take advantage of, you just have to be in the know of the right spots to hit. Good thing we took care of that for you already. Check out the city's best bars to be single, whether you're looking to meet that special someone, or to be left alone with your favorite cocktail and a good book.

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The City's Most Romantic Views 

There's nothing like a picture-perfect moment at the end of a great date night, and while the city doesn't offer unobstructed views of starry skies to admire, it still has plenty of other bright lights to see. Check out our favorite places to admire the city's spectacular skylines that will make for an unforgettable, romantic Valentine's Day moment. 

NYC's Coziest Bars

Cuffing season happens during the most frigid city months, so make sure you're prepared for sharing sweaters and getting close with your s/o. If you're reaching the point of experiencing some cabin fever from staying inside your apartment too much, you may want to make the trek to some of NYC's coziest bars-- fireplace and mulled cider included. 

Cupid's holiday just isn't your thing? We get it. There's still plenty of other happenings going on every day that are just waiting to be your next big outing. Make sure you're in the know with our What's Happening This Week? and What's Happening Weekendpages, updated weekly for your convenience.  

Written by: Julia Gomberg
Instagram: @Juliageez
Twitter: @Juliageez