Where To Get A Friday The 13th Tattoo

Friday The 13th Tattoo Deals

Perhaps an unsung tradition for some, Friday the 13th does bring luck if you're in the market for a tattoo. On this day, many tattoo shops will tattoo patrons for very cheap-- usually $13 for a small one-- but the catch is it has to incorporate imagery of Friday the 13th somehow. Still interested? Here's a list of shops in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and beyond where you can get inked for only a few bucks!

Evil & Love Tattoo

211 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, New York 11222

Cost: $80 tip included


This popular parlor has been a hot spot for Friday the 13th tattoo since they opened shop in 2013. With designs starting at $80, you'll be able to pick out a design that suits you best, and even customize it to a certain extent. 

Scars Of Desire Tattoo

475 47th St., Sunset Park

Cost: $13 w/ $7 tip


This is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a $13 tattoo this Friday. Their flash options for the bizarre holiday won't be revealed until the day of, but you can expect some creative options to choose from based on their normal day artwork. Who knows, you might get lucky with a great design!

Daredevil Tattoo

141 Division St, New York, NY 10002

Cost: $13 w/ $7 tip - First come, first served.


Daredevil couldn't have a more fitting name for their Friday the 13th tattoo deal. For just $13 and a $7 tip, you can grab a place in line and get one of their many designs (above are just a few examples). Definitely get there on the earlier side when they open at noon because they expect to stop at a capacity of 200 lucky customers.

Armageddon Ink Gallery

7 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Cost: $13 w/ $7 tip


While most tattoo parlors you will go to on the 13th only have options with the number 13 on them, this spot has spooky, number-free designs for just $13 with tip. These unique designs are offered by special guest tattoo artists who are coming in just for the holiday, so make sure to take advantage.

Three Kings Tattoo

572 Manhattan Ave. 

Cost: $13 w/ tip 


This is a classic spot to grab a creatively designed Friday the 13th tattoo. With plenty of unique, eye-catching designs to choose from, you'll walk out with a new attitude and edge that will stick with you forever, literally. For only $13 plus tip, there's sure to be something that will strike your eye. 

Black Square Tattoo

552 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211

Cost: $40- $80 plus tip


Black Square Tattoo is a great spot for extremely intricate designs, at a reasonable cost for their Friday the 13th special. It's first come first served, and you'll be glad you got an early spot in line after checking out some of their intricately detailed options.

Body Art & Soul Tattoo

283 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Cost: $13 w/ $7 tip


You won't find designs like this anywhere else on the 13th (punk rock Simpsons? Come on!) so be sure to check out Body Art & Soul and get a chance to take advantage of their creative, even cute designs that go in contrast to the ominous Friday the 13th theme that you'll find everywhere else.

Citizen Ink

2083 E16th Street 2nd FL, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Cost: $30 plus tip


This spot is another unique option for your Friday the 13th, with interesting designs and an extremely reasonable price. Only rules are as follows: "first come first served, arms and legs only, and no shenanigans."

Gristle Tattoo

26 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Cost: $130 


This is on the pricier side for Friday the 13th, but as you can tell from the examples, it's for good reason. These intricate designs are available in black and white only, and the parlor uses 100% vegan ink, tools, and treatment products which you won't find much of anywhere else. A rare deal for a rare day.

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