Where to Get Free Food at Bars in NYC

We love a good happy hour, but there is nothing in this world that beats the bars that sweeten the deal by serving free food with every beer poured. Just when you think no meal is more affordable than a dollar slice of pizza, these here bars prove us wrong. Take that, Two Bros - we've got our eyes on you.


588 Grand St. Brooklyn

It's not an everyday occurrence, but when a great bar offers an even better deal, we write that shit down. The rather nice Huckleberry Bar has tons of nightly specials, but their Monday movie night offer takes the cake, err.. the cheese? Mondays from 9pm - 11pm customers can get a free serving of the bar's delicious mac and cheese with purchase. So go ahead and buy that drink you came there for in the first place. You won't regret it. 


106 East 19th St.

Well, if you can't find a soft spot in your heart for a bar that boasts a god-like Happy Hour from 3 - 7pm, just wait until you see the free-flowing buffet of regret (just kidding - regret nothing, you're a champ!) Chow down on everything from pizza to wings to fries and other items in our favorite food group. 


103 Berry St. Brooklyn 

Not only does George & Jacks Tap Room have some of the best happy hour deals in the neighborhood, but they have the perfect cure for your Sunday hangovers! Meet the beloved and free bagel brunch that solves all of our Saturday night problems. Owned by the same folks that own Lucky Dog, they keep the tradition alive at both spots, starting the feasts off at noon. 


325 E. 14th St. 

Sister bars Alligator Lounge (Williamsburg) and Crocodile Lounge (East Village) offer personal pizzas with any drink. All. Day. Long. Plus, you can celebrate the pizza miracle with arcade games and rotating nights of trivia, karaoke, and bingo. 


28 Cliff Street

From 5-7pm, M-F, this pub will set you loose on their buffet (free with the purchase of a drink), which offers up pasta, wings, and more.


228 Atlantic Ave.

Don't blame us if you start spending most of your week at this BK bar. On Monday nights drinks get you complimentary chicken wings starting at 5pm, free cheese comes with any glass of wine on Wednesdays, and Sundays you can get a free bagel with any mimosa or bloody mary. 


627 9th Ave.

Give your local cart dude a rest and head over to Rudy's, a well-loved dive with the rare Manhattan outdoor patio, where you can get a free hotdog with every drink. 


We can't promise 5-star dining, but who needs Michelin recognition when you've got skeeball, cheap beers and a crispy personal pie with every beer purchase? Exactly. The free pizza with purchase deal is offered from 12pm - 8pm daily and you can add toppings for a dollar each.


48 Spring St.

A drink here gets you bagels at noon on Sundays when you need 'em most and of course the all American hot dog (cooked in beer!) from 5-7pm on Wednesdays. 


281 Bleeker St.

Every Wednesday at 6pm, get a selection of fresh cheeses and bread from Murray's Cheese and Tom Cat Bakery. There's nothing tastier than inhaling fine cheeses you won't have to regret when rent is due.


212 Berry St.

If you're an American, you've likely been racking your brain for a reasonable excuse to purchase a tub of cheese ball goodness (WHY do they only come in one MASSIVE size?) Well, aside from the cheap beer and a shot deals and endless board games, The Levee also has a solution to your cheeseball dilemma: free. bowls. for. all.

Still hungry?

We thought you might be.

Eat, drink, and be merry, y'all, because there's no such thing as free lunch in economics, but free food sure as hell is a thing where we're from. If you're too hungover to stomach a cheap beer just to score a free bar dinner, check out our running list of all the obvious, unexpected, and best-kept secrets on how to get free food in NYC.